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Take Your Text to a New Level with Kawaii Emoticons

Take Your Text to a New Level with Kawaii Emoticons

December 10, 2014 7:11 am Comments are Disabled

Since the onset of chatting through instant messages or in chat rooms, emoticons have become extremely popular. They allow users to express joy, sadness, silliness, and a variety of other things. During the early years of emoticons, the simple circle with a smile has taken on several new looks. However, now on of the most popular forms is the Japanese created Kawaii emoticons.

What Are Kawaii Emoticons?

These emoticons use simple text to express a feeling and create a face. For example, you may type in, “(^_-)” to express a winking face. They are very popular when sending text messages.

When the first Kawaii emoticons were created, it was an extended form of the Emoji which is the technical name for Japanese smileys. In literal terms Emoji is two words that are put together. The “e” means picture and “Moji” means character. The face selection is much more extensive than the emoticons that most people use and therefore very popular when sending text messages throughout the world.

Why Are They So Popular

Emoticons are a way of self-expression when you cannot see the other person. If you make a silly comment, what better way to express that it is meant to be a joke than to put a smiley face on it? If you are having a bad day, sometimes words are not enough to express the full impact of how angry or sad you are. Standard emoticons can put some feeling into a conversation that is pure text, but even they fall short sometimes.

The Kawaii emoticons offer you the ability to express your feelings in a much better way. There are emoticons that express partying that go well beyond the little yellow face with a party hat or if you are in a weird mood you can type in, “ ~(⊕⌢⊕)~ ” and show that you are feeling a little strange. If you are angry, you can use certain keys to show that emotion to the fullest with shapes such as, “☉▵☉凸 ”.

Why Many People Are Using Kawaii Emoticons

The answer to this is simple. Virtually any emotion that you want to express can be sent via the special characters of the Kawaii. There are cute Kawaii emoticons and super Kawaii emoticons. The super Kawaii emoticons give shape to the text. They are basically mini anime characters that a lot people are naturally drawn to. They may take on the shape of a kitten, a mouse, pigs, or any other thing. Some of them are also animated emoticons which are also quite popular.

These emoticons are also popular and becoming more the norm, because several email programs and chat systems are beginning to use them more often. Gmail, Facebook, and others have the standard emoticons and with a quick download you have the option to add these much more fun text emoticons to your chat.

How to Use Kawaii Text Emoticons

As you browse through the extensive list of Kawaii emoticons, you may notice that your keyboard nor your cell phone has the ability to make some of the characters. This is due to the fact that Japan has special characters that a lot of the world does not use. The good news is that it does not mean that you are unable to use them. A lot of messengers allow you to download the super Kawaii faces and if you have a smartphone, you can still take advantage of the extra ways to express yourself. However, with your smartphone, you may have to change a few settings or install an app to make it work.

Using Kawaii Faces on Your Smart Phone

If you have an iPhone, (without an emoticons app) you can still use them. If you go into your settings and enable the option to use a Japanese keyboard on your text messages. This can be done by adding a new keyboard. When you then go to your text message keyboard, you should see a new button that is shaped like a world or if you visit the number page on your keyboard you will see an emoticon face. After you press the face, you should then be able to scroll through a variety of emoticons that are made of text. Select the one you want and it will automatically appear in the text you are sending.

If you have an Android device, sending Kawaii and Emoji will be much easier. There are apps available for you to download that makes it very easy. Two of the most popular apps for it are Emoticon Keyboard with Emoji and Kawaii Emoticons.

In a world that is centered on text messages and chatting via the internet, isn’t it time that you started having a little more fun with your messages? Use Kawaii emoticons and not only text about how you are feeling, but show your friends as well.

Discover the Fun of Animated Emoticons

As you look back through history, using pictures to express emotion has always been popular. You can look at cave drawings and get a sense of what the artist was feeling or doing at that time. They told a story based on various images and unique shapes. In today’s world, where text messaging and computers are our lives, we have improved our pictures and they now commonly take the form of emoticons. The images we use may be simple smiling faces or animated emoticons that show exactly how we feel at that moment. Are you a fan of using emoticons?

What are Emoticons?

The images that you see in messages or on web pages that express a certain emotion or activity are called emoticons. There are a variety of emoticons for people to choose from now, but this was not always the case.

The history of emoticons is quite interesting. It stems from several different factors that all led to the world using emoticons in their everyday life. However, there is some debate whether the first emoticon was the tongue in cheek, -), put on an internet bulletin board by Kevin Mackenzie in 1979 or the hand drawn 🙂 and 🙁 by professor Scott E. Fahlman. The one by Kevin Mackenzie did not gain popularity, but the ones proposed by Fahlman stuck and took on a life of its own.

The first yellow ball with a smiling face on it was created by Harvey Ball in 1963. It was created for an insurance company. By the time the 70s rolled around, however, it was a very popular icon and something that was seen in a variety of places.

These two completely separate events lead to the world’s first true emoticons. The typed symbols became what we immediately recognize as the smiling yellow face. These yellow faces have been turned into animated emoticons and from there other faces have also taken shape. There are also emoticons that have nothing to do with a face. They are simply small images that people use to express themselves.

The Rise of Animated Emoticons

The first animated emoticons were used on some of the first messengers as gifs became more popular. Messengers who used them included MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Windows Live Messenger to name a few. More and more people wanted to add action to their messages with emoticons. Everyone loved the moving emoticons and it has since encouraged designers to keep coming up with more of them. There are funny emoticons and an extensive list of animated smiley faces throughout the web.

Smartphones also have the option to use the animated emoticons. There are apps that you can download that give you easy access to all the emoticons that you could want. On Android devices if you search for animated emoticons, you will easily find an app for it. The iPhone will typically call it, “Animated Emoticons Pro” apps, but if you put in a search it should be easy enough to find regardless of what search term you use.animatediphone2small1

Variety Comes to Emoticons

The emoticon age does not seem to be ending anytime soon. There are different colors of smileys available, there are pet or animal emoticons, animated emoticons, and Japanese emoticons, there are emoticons that depict foods, different emotions, as well as a few adult emoticon apps.

One of the main adult emoticon apps is available for both Android and iPhones. It is called, “Animated Emoticons Pro”. There are a variety of positive and negative reviews about it, but if you want to express yourself, these emoticons take self-expression to a whole new level of fun. There are emoticons with large breasts, picking their nose, giving the finger, drinking a beer, and a large variety of other humorous smileys for you to choose from. tumblr_inline_mmzqdlW2Ad1qz4rgptumblr_mbb3wem54M1qdlkygtumblr_m33xkzyjOx1qdlkyg

Go One Step Further 

With the ever growing success of emoticons, there are also animated GIFs that are adding even more to the cell phone world. These gifs may be tiny pictures that move or smileys that do cool things. In most cases, you will be sending an SMS message if you put in an animated GIF.

For many, this is the new way to wish someone a good morning or a happy holiday. There are glittery GIFs and clip art images that all can come to life on your cell phone as well as alphabet GIFs that allow you to spell out words with more style. Are you ready to figure out which type of animated GIFs or emoticons you prefer?


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